Buy-side Advisory Services

The acquisition of a complementary business or new platform can be highly complex and at times highly competitive. Vetus Partnersí professionals have a unique skill set to assist public companies, private companies and private equity firms with their acquisition initiatives in both competitive and proprietary situations. Drawing on our experiences working both inside and alongside some of the leading consolidators in the industry, Vetus brings a proven process strategy, integration insights and a strategic approach to valuation and transaction structure to each engagement.

Vetus Partnersí proven buy-side advisory services allow clients to complete strategic acquisitions focused on:

  • Augmenting internal growth to outperform the industry
  • Enhancing geographic coverage
  • Improving product offering and service / technical capabilities
  • Strengthening purchasing power
  • Enhancing key vendor relationships
  • Diversifying customer base and markets served
  • Bolstering the sales force
  • Leveraging senior management and existing infrastructure to enhance profitability

Vetus Partnersí buy-side process includes:

  • Developing an acquisition strategy & criteria
  • Deep industry research on dynamics and market attractiveness
  • Building target company databases
  • Contacting and qualifying selected targets on a confidential basis
  • Generating non-auction deal flow
  • Coordinating/performing due diligence on selected targets
  • Preparing valuation on selected targets
  • Estimating potential cost reductions and revenue enhancement synergies
  • Presenting recommendations to Board of Directors and senior management
  • Structuring and negotiating letters of intent and purchase agreements
  • Arranging financing, if necessary
  • Compiling and analyzing management feedback to enhance future acquisitions

"...provided the highest level of support and value imaginable in a complex cross-border deal...and we are extremely pleased with the result."

— Howard Morgan
Co-President of Castle Harlan, Inc.
Castle Harlan acquires Polypipe Group from IMI plc*