"...delivered a result that exceeded our most optimistic expectations."

— George Dorkhom
Former CEO and President of Ingersoll International
Sale of Ingersoll's German operations to Herkules Gmbh*

Corporate Divestitures

The divestiture of non-core businesses differs significantly from other M&A transactions and requires financial advisers skilled in the unique issues surrounding such transactions, including:

  • Motivating and focusing local management to maintain business performance throughout the process
  • Providing significant assistance to the corporate divestiture candidate to prepare relevant and appropriate information for the proposed transaction
  • Assessing the stand alone value and operational stability of potential divestitures:
    • –  Product lines and transfer pricing
    • –  Financial statements - division or subsidiary
    • –  Separation issues and group resources
    • (both commercial and operational considerations)
    • –  Potential need to augment current
      management team

Selected Transaction Details*

Business & Transaction
Carve-out divestiture of Embarq Corporation's (NYSE: EQ) wholly-owned Embarq Logistics subsidiary to KGP Telecommunications, a national supplier of telecommunication products and value-added solutions.
Cross-border corporate carve-out divestiture of one of the world's leading producers of technologically-advanced ceramic foam filters — extreme heat and thermal shock-resistant filtration systems used primarily by the foundry industry to improve operational productivity and the quality of metal castings.
Cross-border corporate divestiture of one of the world's largest producers of fused cast refractories, which are extreme heat and corrosion resistant ceramic blocks that line glass making furnaces in order to contain the molten glass.
Global cross-border sale of an Italian-based high-end, branded home appliance manufacturer.
Divestiture of an industry leading provider of integrity and data management software and solutions to pipeline-operating companies.
Cross-border corporate divestiture of the world's leading provider of corrosion monitoring instrumentation and control products, services and turnkey SCADA systems.
Sale of the largest bowling center operator in the world, owned by a private equity sponsor.
Formation of a joint venture agreement with Viking Steel, LLC related to the operation of the Valley City Steel division of Shiloh Industries.
Cross-border corporate divestiture of a manufacturer of computer numeric controls for the machine tool and plastic processing equipment markets.
Cross-border corporate divestiture of an industry leading manufacturer of high performance motors, drives, and servo systems for the Italian industrial machinery market.
Corporate divestiture of a world-leading innovator in the design, engineering, and manufacture of electrical trigger switches.

Vetus' corporate divestiture process is tailored to minimize the use of client resources and disruption to the business:

  • To the maximum extent possible, substitution of Vetus resources for client staff
  • Sensitivity to demands on the business' senior management time
  • Efficient management of the demands of a buyer's due diligence process
  • Experienced management of interaction between potential financial buyers and a corporation
  • Extensive client communications throughout the process

Senior bankers experienced in the unique requirements of corporate divestitures lead every corporate divestiture transaction. Our bankers have developed a track record of achieving exceptional results for companies, both domestic and international, and have earned a reputation for creative problem solving in complex transactions involving:

  • Carve-outs
  • Product line divestitures
  • Joint ventures
  • Foreign operations

*Certain referenced transactions were executed by Vetus Principals at predecessor firm.

"Vetus’ extensive experience in complex corporate carve-outs uniquely qualified them to advise EMBARQ on this transaction."

— Les Meredith
VP & Treasurer of EMBARQ Corporation [NYSE:EQ]

"Vetus’ guidance and advice throughout a challenging process proved invaluable."

— Gene Betts
CFO of EMBARQ Corporation [NYSE:EQ]