"Thankfully we utilized the talented Principals of Vetus Partners - we could never have achieved our goals without their expert guidance."

— Fred DiCosola
Former CEO of Extreme Foods

Food and Beverage

Vetus Partners' bankers have developed relationships with global leaders in the specialty beverage sector and have a strong track record of maximizing value for selling shareholders. Uniquely, Vetus Partners also leverages its combined expertise in both distribution and the food and beverage industry to target the foodservice industry.

Selected Transaction Details*

Business & Transaction
Sale of the world's most popular non-carbonated frozen beverage.
Sale of Extreme Foods Company, a leader in developing and marketing unique ice-blended beverages, including fruit smoothies and coffee frappes.
Sale of Stearns & Lehman, a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing private label and branded coffee flavoring syrups.

*Certain transactions referenced above were executed by Vetus Principals at their predecessor firm.